Sporthotel Jump Limited partnership

via Roen 12

I - 39100 Bolzano

G: Hotelian Hanny

share capital € 77.500

Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano Nr. 09998020219

Tax number: IT 09998020219

Opening hours: Thursday, from 10:35 am to 13:05 

Note practice firm: We are a practice firm and sell hotel stays, offer various deals and sell local and regional add-on products on the training firm market.

Copyright notice: We observe the copyright regulations when publishing the photos and only use licence-free image sources from www.pixabay and

You can contact us through these adresses:

School: Upper Secondary School for Tourism

school homepage:

Phone: +39 / 0471 / 27 99 15

Fax: +39 / 0471 / 40 76 83

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Banking details: BIC: SWBAITB0  -  IBAN: IT62S 88888 11601 000 710 198 038

Working hours: Thursday, 10:35 am until 13:05 pm

Practice Firm leaders: Sabine Scheitz and Yvonne Senoner